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Thank-you so much for visiting my blog. However, I won't be posting here anymore. I have a new website that I think will be easier to see the charms and order if you feel inclined to. I do have pictures here that won't be on the website so stay an browse.

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Thursday, February 9, 2012

SGD original designs

 My love Funky
My Love altered with blue hue.
 I have altered the color on this one to blue.  It has beading on the front.  I can change this to any color you want.
 My Love dark with 2 alt backs
 My love Red with 2 alt backs

Rockstar. I have 2 other backs and if you would like to see them I can email them.

Thursday, September 1, 2011

Ornaments and sentimentals

Shown above is the ornaments and sentimentals.  These are ones I have done for ShadeTree Stuios. The ornaments are 3x3 and 2x2.  The sentimentals range from 3/4" to 1x1" or a larger charm 1x1.5".  I can turn any picture you have into an ornament or charm.

The 3x3" is shown with beveled glass.  The 2x2" is shown with a flat glass.
The 3x3 starts at $27.50 and does not include the beveled glass. If you want a bevel it is a $2.00 for one or both sides.


The 2x2"  ornament shown below starts at $26.50.  If you want a bevel it is a $2.00 for one or boths sides.

The 1x1.5"  starts at $23.50.  If you want a bevel glass it is $1.50 for both sides.  If you want "beading" as shown on this one it is $1.50 per side.

The 1x1 charms are $16.00 and includes 1 side beveled glass.

The 3/4 x 3/4" starts at $14.00 and includes 1 side beveled glass.

Beading for the small charms is $1.00 per side.

Add on charms as show is $6.00.

Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Pearls,Pearls and more pearls

 I love love this necklace.  Is that too narcissistic?  I can wear this with anything and everything.  I made this to sell but couldn't!  I had to make another one.
Necklace  $40.00
Earrings $15.00

Retro Flowers

3/4" $15.00
1/2" $10.00

Retro flower bracelet

A delicate bracelet you can put any design.  $17.50

Out of the cage

The charm is 1" circle with beading on both sides.  This charm looks great on a long or short chain.  $21.50

Funky Flowers

These charms are some of my favorites.  I love the different colors and patterns.  I  have a lot more designs.  If you are interested in this type of charm and you don't see something here.  Email me and I will send you my design sheet to choose from.  These are $16.00